Recruitment, evolved.

Jobzilla are proud to be different. With nearly 10,000 recruitment companies operating in the UK we are completely unique! Jobzilla is the first agency to enhance engagement between clients and candidates by using video technology to revolutionise the recruitment industry. Candidates can now stand out from the crowd and present to employers what cannot be shown on a piece of paper, the video CV is finally here!

Welcome to the future of recruitment.

What is a Video CV?

A video CV is an extension of a common, written CV. It is not intended to replace paper CVs altogether, but give candidates the opportunity to express their personality, persona and character.

Video CVs enhance job applications and provide employers with more insight into what an individual has to offer in terms of characteristics, such as personality, presentation and confidence, before inviting them for an interview.

Is Video the Future?

Video and camera technology has advanced so much in recent years that video recording and sharing is now extremely simple and accessible.

Hence video is rapidly becoming the medium of choice for digital content and communications. Jobzilla recognise the broader consumer trends and candidate preferences, and have evolved our hiring process to reflect modern processes.

Over 500,000+ paper CVs are added to job boards each week

84% Of hiring managers would prefer to receive a video CV

Video CVs have helped companies reduce unsuitable interviews by 70%

Video CVs have increased success rates of face-to-face interviews to 75%



Present yourself to the world.

Jobzilla gives you the opportunity to compliment your paper CV and really show what you can't communicate on paper... your personality. Our short Video CVs will guarantee you will get noticed by employers and ensure you will not be another piece of paper on the pile. We don't believe in stripping back what makes you who you are, it’s time to be seen, be heard and be discovered.

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Seeing is believing.

Save valuable time and accelerate your recruiting process with the Jobzilla Video Platform. Our experienced recruitment consultants will search and discover the ideal candidates for your vacancy and email their Video & paper CV for you to screen quickly and effortlessly. Before a face to face interview you can now really get a feel for who will be most suitable for your business by seeing a person’s personality, persona, and character in seconds. No more wasted time with unsuitable interviews.

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“Jobzilla gave me a fighting chance to showcase why I’m the best for the job!”

Ben Shaw, Candidate

“A candidate’s CV may look nothing special on paper, yet on video they have a certain spark that makes them worth a second look.”

Susan Osborne, HR

“I was amazed at just how quick the whole process was. Jobzilla have made my job a lot easier”

Calum White, HR Manager

“Jobzilla have taken away the task of sifting through paper CV's with its modern outlook on recruitment”

Grace Reynolds, HR

“A traditional CV outlines your skills and qualifications but video CV’s enable me as an employer to get see the real person.”

Jane Nash, CEO

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