Equality and Diversity in the Workplace

20th December 2017

Even in today’s modern society, many business owners find it hard to foster equality and diversity in the workplace. However, it is extremely important and should be a priority for every business, we’ll tell you why. What is Equality and Diversity? Equality and diversity in the workplace means that every employee is treated equally and […]

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How To Make The Best First Impression During Your Video Interview

18th December 2017

Video-Led recruitment is becoming more popular in the recruitment sector and as a result, candidates must keep up-to-date and learn how to effectively showcase their skills and abilities in order to gain the job of their dreams. Video-Led recruitment has three main areas; video CVs, video Assessments and video interviews, in which candidates will need […]

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The Art of Engagement in Video-Led Recruitment

15th December 2017

Focus towards customer experience and candidate behaviour during the recruitment process is constantly increasing, which means businesses must start adapting their acquisition strategies effectively. The easy approach for many recruiters these days is to just put a basic job description together and place it on digital job boards or post digital ads on the internet […]

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A Simple Guide to Improving Your Hiring Outcomes

11th December 2017

When it comes to recruiting, many recruiters think that it is best to get as many candidates in as possible, it could literally be everyone and anyone. This couldn’t be more wrong. Accepting just anyone is highly unproductive and can even make more work for you in the long run. We know that this can […]

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Recruiting During Times of Change and Uncertainty

8th December 2017

During times of economic uncertainty, it is common that business owners start to worry and head straight for their accounts, cutting costs where they feel necessary just to be on the safe side. A typical starting point for these cutbacks is recruiting new hires. In fact, during the recent global recession, hiring new recruits was […]

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