A Graduate’s Guide to Creating the Best Video CV

20th March 2018

Now that you have finished your degree, you should be feeling confident and ready to take on new opportunities and put your skills and knowledge into action. You’ve completed a number of years at university and we’re sure you don’t want them to go to waste. Therefore, it is essential that you are prepared for […]

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Three Simple Strategies For Securing Top Talent

28th February 2018

Securing top talent for your client or company can be tricky, especially in today’s society. Everything is changing and new, modern strategies are coming to life. We have put together some information on three simple strategies that can help you attract a high quality talent pool. 1. Social Responsibility The first strategy we must look […]

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Enhancing Your Company Brand In Order to Entice More Candidates

27th February 2018

Enhancing your company brand is always important, you want to be the best of the best so, it is vital you showcase your brand effectively, especially if you want to find top talent. With this in mind, we have highlighted a few ways in which you can entice candidates through your company brand. Your Company […]

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How to Successfully Interview Shy Candidates Using Video

20th February 2018

Personality type plays a huge role in the recruitment process and while you’ll interview many confident candidates who are willing to talk and seamlessly contribute to the conversations, other, more shy and introverted candidates will see interviews as their worst nightmare. Therefore, it is important that you implement innovative strategies to ensure you don’t miss […]

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The Benefits of Video Assessments

1st February 2018

Video assessments play an essential role in video-led recruitment. They provide recruiters and employers with the opportunity to set a few questions and see the candidates answers on screen. This not only saves time, but also gives hiring managers a better understanding as to whether the candidate is passionate about their potential role and the […]

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