What to Include in Your Video CV Script

Video CV Script

When applying for jobs, you may find that certain companies ask for different types of CVs, so it is important that you know how to create the best CV possible in order to gain the job of your dreams.

Video CVs are becoming more and more popular in the recruitment world so we thought it would be a good idea to write down the key elements we think you should include in your video CV script.

Introduce Yourself

Just like any conversation with a stranger, you must introduce yourself; say your name and give a little bit of background information. You should also talk about the position you are applying for, is it an HR, teaching or administration role? This may sound really simple, but it is important as you want to show you have catered your online video CV to the role. Don’t keep it so general that you look as though you are applying for several positions in several different industries.

Mention Your Skills and Experiences

Once you’ve introduced yourself, you should give a bit of information on how you work in that role or why you want to do it. Mention how you operate in a business setting, how you work with other people and what you’d like to achieve in the new position. Talk about your goals and show how eager you are to take on this new role and its responsibilities.

You should even mention your past experiences and the skills you learnt from them, whether that be in a similar role or not, and you can cater your video CV to suit the potential role. Many hiring managers look for experience, but that doesn’t mean to say you have to have five years plus. If you are a fresh university graduate, for example, then state how your studying experience fits; What did you learn? What skills did you pick up? Why are you going for this role? What is your passion?

What Makes You Unique?

Now that you have got the nitty gritty out of the way, it’s time to talk about you as a person. What makes you so unique? Did you excel in your previous position? What are your hobbies? Mentioning this will give the interviewer a feel of what you are like and if you would fit well within the company, but remember to remain professional!

Saying Goodbye

As well as the introduction, many candidates find it difficult to end their video CV. What should you say? How do you avoid looking flustered or desperate?

The answer is simple, thank them for their time and mention how you hope to work with them in the future. This shows that you appreciate the opportunity and you aren’t ignorant or expect to gain the job. Employers will value your appreciation, and this will ensure that you end on a positive note.

But, Remember

When conducting your video CV script it is important to remember that you should keep it short and to the point, you want to get your points across as quickly as possible and not leave the recruiter bored out of their brains. Therefore, your video CV should be no longer than a minute (two minutes maximum if you must).

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