4 Steps to get your Dream Job


Whether you’re just starting out in your career or you’re a veteran of the employment world, the vast majority of us are not quite happy with the job they currently have. Aside from the very few lucky people who are working in their dream job already, for the rest of us it remains just a pipe dream… or does it? You may think that it’s just the luck of the draw, but always remember the following:

Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.

In the list below you’ll find the Jobzilla Teams top tips to finding and securing your dream job.

1. Work for You.

Don’t spend 40 hours per week working for someone else and then not spend your free time working for yourself.

That’s the trap!

If you really want to get your dream job you need to be working for yourself. I don’t mean that in the literal term, but instead use those 2 hours per day commuting to read up on your favourite hobby or the industry you work in. Don’t spend all evening at home watching reality TV. Start using the time you have more efficiently and reduce those hours looking at meme’s on Facebook, and focus your energy on what you want to do.

2. Be Ready.

Have everything in place for you to jump on an opportunity at the drop of  a hat. More often than not we perceive people as being lucky, but just like the quote above, you haven’t seen the hours they have already worked for themselves to be ready as soon as an opportunity is shown to them. Make sure your CV is updated at all times. At Jobzilla we’re using Video CV’s to enhance our candidate application process, but this is designed to compliment your traditional CV.

Always keep it up to date and always have it to hand. Use a tool like dropbox or even icloud to store it so you can forward it on to whoever needs at anytime.

3. Stand out from the Crowd

stand-outYour personality is what makes you who you are. There will be a bunch of other people that have similar skills and qualifications, but your personality is the result of a 400Trillion to 1 chance result of you being born making you truly unique in the world.

Use this to your advantage and stand out from everyone else. If you come across an opportunity for your dream job, really display your enthusiasm for the role. Don’t just forward your CV and hope for the best. Follow it up with a hand written note to express how excited you are and any ideas you’ve already had about the role.

One of the best ways to use your personality to stand out is by using the Jobzilla Video CV application process. You don’t need a special computer or any fancy lighting. Using just your smartphone or laptop you can complete one of our Video CV applications and compliment your CV with you personality, character and enthusiasm.

4. Use Technology

I’ve touched on this briefly above, but there are tools out there to not only make our information available to us at all times, but there’s also a whole Internets worth of data available to anyone with a 3G sim card.

Social media plays a massive part in our lives, start using it to your advantage. If you want to be seen as more professional, get your LinkedIn profile updated and start networking with old school friends or work colleagues. Even Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can help you find your dream job. Identify who already has that role and follow them and interact with them. Even if you can’t necessarily interact with them directly, it’s easy enough to interact with people who share your common interests through that account.

Social media marketing isn’t just for companies and businesses, use it to market yourself by commenting and interacting with people who are like minded or have the same mission and goals.

As I’ve mentioned above, everyone has a paper CV, but not everyone is using Video CV’s to market themselves. We’re experts in that field and can help you get started using our Video CV application process.

So that’s it for now, 4 key steps to getting your dream job. We hope you’ve found some inspiration in the steps we’ve outlined? Let us know on social media how you’ve got on.