Are You Making Assumptions in Your Hiring Process?

Here’s How You Can Avoid It

We know that is is easy for recruiters to make assumptions about candidates based on just their CV. After all, you’ve spent hours looking at paper CVs back-to-back, so it is tempting to make the process easier by assuming a candidate is a certain way just from looking at a piece of paper.

Some of the most common assumptions recruiters will find is that a jobseeker:

Whatever the case may be, it is important that as a recruiter you do not make assumptions, you stick to the facts and the information that is right in front of you.

Assuming a candidate is a certain way will have many negative effects on your hiring process as you run the risk of pushing out high-calibre candidates and may end up choosing the wrong person for the job. Therefore, we suggest you opt for a more reliable strategy that helps you stop making assumptions.

Video-Led Recruitment

Video-Led recruitment is the perfect solution for improving your recruitment process as it gives you the opportunity to see your candidates first hand. You will get more information, gain a better first impression and see what the candidate is like under pressure, thus eliminating the assumption making.

Video-Led recruitment has three main areas to suit all business requirements; video CVs, video assessments and video interviews.

Video CV

A video CV is a short video pitch that is submitted alongside a written CV or job application. Video CVs hold many benefits, for example:

Video Assessment

Video assessments give recruiters information for a more productive and reliable screening process. Video assessments have many benefits, for example, they allow recruiters to:

Video Interviews

Finally, video interviews are an effective recruitment tool as they give you all the benefits of a face-to-face interview, but are a lot less time-consuming. Video interviews hold many benefits, employers can:

How Can We Help?

Jobzilla is the first recruitment agency to significantly enhance engagement between our clients and candidates by embracing modern video technology to revolutionise the recruitment process. Our Video Assessments ensure each candidate has the opportunity to express what makes them who they are and provides a valuable tool to help employers make quicker and more effective recruitment decisions.

If you’d like more information on how you can prepare for your upcoming video assessment or would like to know more about the service we offer, why not contact Jobzilla today on 0203 507 1717, email to or by filling out the contact form on our contact page.