The Art of Engagement in Video-Led Recruitment

Focus towards customer experience and candidate behaviour during the recruitment process is constantly increasing, which means businesses must start adapting their acquisition strategies effectively.

The easy approach for many recruiters these days is to just put a basic job description together and place it on digital job boards or post digital ads on the internet and wait for the applications to come flooding in. But, while this may sound like a tempting way to do things, an initial, large candidate pool means there is still no guarantee that you will gain a successful or long-lasting recruit.

In fact, it isn’t lack of applicants that most recruiters struggle to find, instead it is finding a pool of right-fit candidates capable of carrying out the role. This, therefore, is ultimately counterproductive as your ‘set-it-and-forget-it’ approach will most likely lower efficiency, employee retention and long-term productivity.

How Do You Improve This?

To improve your talent pool quality, you must first understand how modern candidates tend to approach the job application process and, as a recruiter, it is highly important that your candidates are informed, and your digital strategies are thoroughly planned out.

Informing Candidates Will Allow You to Identify Right-Fit Candidate

One of the most common issues recruiters face is not giving candidates enough information they need to fully decided whether the position is right for them. Recruiters lack ‘concerned candidates’ as many believe they can take on this new role, to then be left with concerns and issues from the onset of accepting the new position. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that candidates are give relevant and detailed information to provide them with the opportunity to address any concerns.

Get Creative With Your Media Choices

Getting creative with your media choices will have a positive impact on the recruitment process. Recruiters should, create a fully thought out content strategy specific to their target audience. Recruiters can leverage dynamic media such as testimonials, quizzes and case studies to allow candidates to complete the action and ensure the message you are trying to convey is received.

Recruiters must also get their audience to engage with their clients brand in order to ensure they are looking at the bigger picture and not just the job description. Employer branded videos will help to achieve this as they can give candidates a chance to see the company’s day-to-day tasks, gain some information and feel motivated to carry out a video assessment or create a video CV.

How Can Video-Led Recruitment Help?

Video-Led Recruitment is highly beneficial as it not only provides candidates with more information, but it also gives recruiters the opportunity to see the candidate first hand. From this, recruiters will be able to identify whether the candidate will fit within the company and if they are able to carry out the role to a high level.

There are three effective areas to video-led recruitment:

Video CVs

Video CVs are a time saving and cost-effective way to save recruitment time and add a more personal touch when hiring candidates for a new role. They allow you to:

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Video Assessments

Video Assessments will also enhance your hiring decisions as they allow you to:

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Video Interviews

Finally, we have video interviews, a process that saves you time, while improving efficiency. Video interviews allow you to ask whatever questions you think are necessary and watch the candidate answer them live in front of you. One of the main advantages of using video interviews is that you can carry them out from the comfort of your own office or on the go, while gaining an insight into the candidate before offering them a second, in-person interview or a job offer.

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