The Effects of Technology on Recruitment

27th April 2018

New innovative technology is being released frequently, with artificial intelligence becoming more and more evolved by the day. Fortunately, we can’t see robots taking over a recruiter’s role just yet. But, smart recruiters are those who utilise the power of technology and use it to their advantage to secure top talent. These successful recruiters are […]

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How to De-bias Your Recruitment Process Using Video

26th April 2018

It is believed that many recruitment strategies are biased and unfair. However, diversity and inclusion should be a key focus in your strategy,and all recruiters should aim to eliminate any unintentional bias. While you may think you are 100% unbiased, you could in fact not recognise slight bias in your judgements. Whether you believe it […]

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Why Video and Assessments are the Perfect Pair

24th April 2018

With online interaction steering more towards video technology, it is important that businesses use this in their search for top talent. Combining video technology with candidate assessments will revolutionise your process and will ensure you secure the very best talent. Video Assessments are the Perfect Tool Video assessments are the perfect tool as they are […]

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Simple Signs That Show You Are in Need of Video-Led Recruitment

29th March 2018

Have you been struggling with your current recruitment strategy? Or are you looking to save time and costs for yourself and for your client? If you’re unsure whether your current strategy needs updating, we’ll give you some obvious signs and how to overcome them. You Are Overwhelmed If you’re overwhelmed by your current workload, there’s […]

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How to Effectively Recruit in the Hospitality Industry Using Video

28th March 2018

The hospitality industry is a worldwide industry that is typically dedicated to providing enjoyable and comforting experiences for members of the general public. There are many sectors that fall into the hospitality industry, including: Hotels Events Catering Travel and Tourism Luxury Services At the heart of the industry is the aim to provide amazing services, […]

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