Are You Looking to Produce a Great Video CV? Here’s How You Can Do Just That

31st May 2018

While the idea of sitting in front of a camera talking to potential employers may sound daunting, it actually holds many benefits, not only for you but the employer as well. Video resumes provide jobseekers with the opportunity to present their professional strengths, and provides recruiters with the opportunity to gain a better understanding of […]

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Top Tips For Creating the Very Best Video CV

30th May 2018

A video CV is a short video snippet that is submitted alongside a written CV or job application. It gives candidates the opportunity to show off their professional strengths and provides recruiters and hiring managers with the opportunity to gain a first impression and a better understanding of the candidate. What are the Benefits of […]

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Creating Your First Video CV? Here are Some Top Tips to Reach Success

29th May 2018

Are you carrying out your very first job search? Or do you have some experience in applying for jobs, but have been asked to create a video CV for the very first time? Are you not worried that you don’t know what to do or what direction to take? There’s no need to panic, we […]

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The Effects of Technology on Recruitment

27th April 2018

New innovative technology is being released frequently, with artificial intelligence becoming more and more evolved by the day. Fortunately, we can’t see robots taking over a recruiter’s role just yet. But, smart recruiters are those who utilise the power of technology and use it to their advantage to secure top talent. These successful recruiters are […]

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How to De-bias Your Recruitment Process Using Video

26th April 2018

It is believed that many recruitment strategies are biased and unfair. However, diversity and inclusion should be a key focus in your strategy,and all recruiters should aim to eliminate any unintentional bias. While you may think you are 100% unbiased, you could in fact not recognise slight bias in your judgements. Whether you believe it […]

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