Catering Your Video Assessments for Top Talent

Video assessments are a highly effective recruiting process that can be six times faster than your average phone interview, but how can you keep candidates engaged and find top talent?

In order to keep your candidates engaged in your video-led recruitment process, you must ensure that you have strong communication and good user experience (UX).

Below we have stated four main steps on how you can keep candidates engaged and make them want to take on a new role within your company.

Step 1 – Be Upfront

From the onset, it is important that you are upfront about why you are using video and what processes are involved, whether that be video CVs, video assessments or video interviews. You must also explain to the candidates why this process will benefit them and reassure them that they are going to be assessed fairly and in an objective manner.

Step 2 – Advance Your Tech

When implementing video-led recruitment, you must make sure that your technology and skills are all up to scratch and even surpass current trends. Candidates expect personalisation, seamless accessibility and proactive engagement, so it is important that you give this to them. You want them to have the best digital experience possible, including the during beginning, middle and end of the application process.

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Step 3 – Be As Engaging As Possible

In all interview settings, it is of utmost importance that all candidates are made to feel comfortable and relaxed. However, this is much more important in terms of video interviews and assessments as the candidate may not be familiar with the platform or process.

The main aim in this case is to humanise the process as much as possible and incorporate content that showcases your company’s core values and culture, and helps guide candidates through each step of the process so they can answer any questions asked along the way.

Step 4 – Be Clear and Concise

Finally, being clear and concise in this process is paramount. You want to effectively communicate key information within the process such as when the video invitations are going to be distributed, how much time certain stages are going to take and what the next steps are once an application has been submitted.

So next time you implement video in your recruitment process, ensure that you are upfront, engaging, clear and have all of your technology and skills up to scratch.

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