Jobzilla are the only recruitment agency to find and select the perfect candidates for your role and then email you their short video CV to review. If you like their video, you can request a face-to- face interview or conduct a live online interview – it’s that simple.

A video CV helps candidates stand out from the pack. Allowing you to see their personality, presentation and confidence in seconds, saving time before interviews and reducing the risk of a bad hire.

Our unique video software is designed to streamline efficiency with smarter screening and facilitate recruitment decisions much faster. We can create your own video campaign tailored to your exact requirements. Choose or create your very own questions you would like the candidates to be asked in their video. Recruiting has never been easier.

How Do Video CVs Benefit You As An Employer?

  • It reduces the number of unsuitable interviews
  • Video CVs can be reviewed quicker than written CV’s
  • It helps you recognise talent quicker
  • It reduces staff turnover, boosts revenue and improves morale

Accelerate Your Recruiting Process

Most employers say they can tell if a candidate is suitable from a one and a half minute video, much quicker than a 40 minute phone call or interview. You can now find top talent quicker and avoid arranging interviews with unsuitable candidates – saving hours of scheduling and interview time. All this can be achieved by effortlessly reviewing the videos that our experienced recruitment consultants have carefully selected for your vacancy.

Video Player

Seeing Is Believing With Video Screening

Tired of wasting hours on scheduling interviews? By seeing them on video you can quickly identify if the candidates are a right fit by assessing communication skills, cultural fit, motivations and confidence. Screen more candidates in a shorter amount of time, meaning you can uncover the best and worst candidates right at the beginning of the recruitment process.


Live Video Interviewing

Video interviewing removes all the hurdles of meeting a candidate face-to- face. It eliminates geographical restrictions for applicants and unnecessarily tying up diaries, allowing employers to meet candidates more quickly than face-to- face interviews. Many quality candidates are already in full time employment, so why not give yourself a competitive advantage and interview them on their lunch break? Video interviewing makes this possible, providing employers more time with the right candidate, ensuring that they really are the best candidate for the job.

Saves £500 per applicant recruited.

Reduces overall time-to-hire by 47%.

Reduces early-stage screening time by up to eighty percent.

Increases face-to-face offer rate to 75%.

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