Creating Your First Video CV? Here are Some Top Tips to Reach Success

Are you carrying out your very first job search? Or do you have some experience in applying for jobs, but have been asked to create a video CV for the very first time? Are you not worried that you don’t know what to do or what direction to take? There’s no need to panic, we have put together five of our top tips on how you can create the very best video CV and bag yourself the job of your dreams!

1. Set Your Location

First things first, you need to decide on your location. Will you be recording your video CV from home? At your friend’s house? Or at your local coffee shop?

The majority of homes have not been styled like offices, instead, they are made for comfort and enjoyment, so if you do choose to record your video CV at home, you must try to come across as professional as possible. Pick a spot in your house that has a plain background. Avoid any clutter or personal photos as you don’t want to distract the recruiter. You want their sole focus to be on you and what you are saying.

2. Be Professional

Being professional is probably one of the most obvious steps, but it is important that you communicate in a way that showcases your strengths, shows you are engaged and show you can be taken seriously. Don’t be seen as an amateur! Avoid using slang and speaking to the recruiter as though you are friends. Of course be polite, but keep it professional.

3. Dress to Impress

Dress to impress! First impressions stick, and you want it to be a good one. Why not opt for the traditional shirt or blouse as this will show you are making an effort, even from the comfort of your own home? As well of giving a great first impression, ressing this way will also help put you in the right mindset. Recruiters will appreciate how you present yourself and will gain a positive impression of you from the start.

4. Speak Clearly

For many of us, our speech can change when a camera is put in front of us, some of us become so nervous that we ramble or speak so quickly that it sounds as if they have made up their own words. Others struggle to even get a word out.

Even though this may be unfamiliar or uncomfortable at first, it is important that you approach it with confidence, take it in your stride and talk clearly. You’ve got this.

5. Don’t Read Your Paper CV Outloud

Finally, we must address a common mistake; reading your paper CV out loud. This is a big no, no! You don’t want to look like a robot and miss out on showing your true potential. We know it’s tricky trying to remember everything you’ve planned so why not make a bullet list and place it nearby. You can glance at this if you ever get lost, and it will act as a good guide.

How Can We Help?

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