How to De-bias Your Recruitment Process Using Video

It is believed that many recruitment strategies are biased and unfair. However, diversity and inclusion should be a key focus in your strategy,and all recruiters should aim to eliminate any unintentional bias. While you may think you are 100% unbiased, you could in fact not recognise slight bias in your judgements.

Whether you believe it or not, video technology can actually help de-bias your recruitment process. We’ll tell you why…

Video Gives You an External Memory

The human memory is an unreliable source as we can’t remember every detail of a conversation or we may even create a different conversation in our heads when we try to remember what was said. Video is, therefore, the perfect solution to this as it eliminates the need to refer back to your unpredictable memory. It will play all those details back to you in a reliable way, removing all traces of unintentional bias.

You Can Make a Collaborative Decision

Collaborating with your team is also a great way of de-biasing your process, especially if you are using video to do this. Video technology will allow you to work as a team to create questions, portray the best company image and review candidate answers collectively. Therefore, you will be able to discuss who the best candidate is for your team and explain why, coming to a collect, fair decision.

It’s a Structured Process

Video will help your recruitment process become consistent and structured which will in turn, help reduce bias and increase validity. Conventional face-to-face interview processes for example, tend to be more unstructured and will lead to bias questions and discussions if the recruiter is “going with the flow” or just discussing topics that suit them.

Video assessments, reduce this risk of bias as they give you the option to set a number of questions through the same interview environment. Not only does this increase your validity, but it also creates equal opportunities for all candidates, making your results more reliable and unbiased.

How Can We Help?

Jobzilla is the first recruitment agency to significantly enhance engagement between our clients and candidates by embracing modern video technology to revolutionise the recruitment process. Our Video Assessments ensure each candidate has the opportunity to express what makes them who they are and provides a valuable tool to help employers make quicker and more effective recruitment decisions.

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