How to Effectively Recruit in the Hospitality Industry Using Video

The hospitality industry is a worldwide industry that is typically dedicated to providing enjoyable and comforting experiences for members of the general public. There are many sectors that fall into the hospitality industry, including:

At the heart of the industry is the aim to provide amazing services, and what better way to do that than to hire amazing talent?

Video CVs Enhance Your Recruitment Process

Video CVs give employers the opportunity to make the yes or no decision more easily as they are able to see and hear the candidate and gain more of an insight into their skills, experience and personality traits to see whether they are suited towards the role at hand.

As well as this, video CVs also benefit candidates as they give them the opportunity to show off their skills and stand out from the crowd.

Some key skills in the hospitality industry include:

The Benefits of Video CVs

Video CVs give recruiters the tools to:

How Can We Help?

Jobzilla is the first recruitment agency to significantly enhance engagement between our clients and candidates by embracing modern video technology to revolutionise the recruitment process. Our Video Assessments ensure each candidate has the opportunity to express what makes them who they are and provides a valuable tool to help employers make quicker and more effective recruitment decisions.

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