Essential Tips for a Successful Video Interview #1 – The Basics

Video CV Success
Live video interviews are fast becoming popular amongst recruiters so it is important that you are aware of how you can be successful and bag the job of your dreams.

Preparation Is Key

As with any interview, it is essential that you prepare. You don’t want to go in thinking you can wing it because in most cases, you can’t. Get your bullet list ready, test your equipment, carry out a mock interview and dress to impress.

Think About Your Body Language

Now you’ve prepared for your video interview it’s time to think about your body language. Body language is one of the main areas of communication and it’s said that nonverbal communication accounts for 55% of a total conversation. Therefore, your body language in your video interview or even your video CV has to be spot-on. The top areas we suggest you focus on during your digital interview would be eye contact, facial expressions, posture and body movements.

Eye Contact

Eye contact can be tricky in face-to-face situations, never mind during a live video interview. You may think you are gaining good eye contact when looking at your interviewer on the screen, but in reality, they see you just looking down. It is, therefore, essential that you try your best to look directly into the camera.

Also, avoid looking at yourself in the corner as the interviewer will have no idea where you are looking!

Facial Expressions

Our facial expressions are able to express so many emotions without saying a word, so it is imperative that you try not to overdo them. However, you don’t want to keep your face stuck and look like a robot the entire time. Don’t think about it too much, go with what feels right and your facial expressions will come naturally, but if in doubt, try to smile.

Body Movements

Even though your interview is taking place online, the interviewer can still see you; therefore, you need to think about your posture and body movements. It is important to keep in mind that gestures make you look confident and show that you know what you are talking about. However, you don’t want to move your hands so much that all they can see is you popping in and out through your speedy hand movements.


Another thing to point out is that if you sit hunched over or lay down and hope nobody notices, they will, and you will give off the impression you don’t care. Don’t ruin your chances or waste anyone’s time, just sit up straight.

Be Professional

Being professional is probably the most obvious. You want the recruiter to take you seriously and show them you are worth hiring. Therefore, you should dress and act professionally. Treat it the same as you would if it was a face-to-face interview, but avoid wearing stripes or busy patterns as this can create an optical illusion on camera and may distract the recruiter from what you are saying.

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