Essential Tips for a Successful Video Interview #3 – What To Do If You Experience Technical Difficulties

Video Interviews

If you’re reading this, we’re betting that you’ve found your ideal job, submitted your application and found out that you have been successful, bagging yourself a video interview. And now you’re thinking, “I have no idea how to do this, video is not my forte”.

We get it, technology can be quite confusing, especially if you have not yet used video interview platforms such as Skype or Google Hangouts. However, there’s no need to worry as we have many tips to help you ace your video interview, and what to do if you experience technical difficulties.

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Figuring Out the Platform

Once you’ve found out what platform your video interview is going to take place on, it is important that you download it, do some research and have a play around with it. Also, don’t forget to ensure you have all the necessary equipment such as a webcam, microphone, laptop or computer and appropriate lighting. There are many sources out there that help with Skype video calls, for example, so have a read through and try things out – why not try holding a mock interview with friends or family?


Screen freezing is one of the biggest pains when it comes to video calls, especially if your video interview is going well. The important thing to do in this situation is to stay calm and not panic or stress, wait it out and ensure your internet connection is of good quality – you want to make sure you are located in the signal’s strongest point. However, if freezing continues to occur, pop a message in the chat section asking if you could call them back as it seems to be freezing on your end, that way the interviewer is aware of what is happening and can find the best way to go about this situation – either by rescheduling or continuing the interview over the phone.

There are a number of ways you could prevent this from happening, the main being to prepare as much as possible.

Preparation is Key

Preparing for your video interview is essential, it can help you avoid freezing, therefore, we suggest that you test your WiFi connection and carry out mock interviews on different devices, whether that be a computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. Select the device that works best and find the angle that looks the most appealing and professional.

Keep the phone number of your interviewer close to hand so that even if your connection completely fails on the day, you can get in touch quickly and tell them what’s gone wrong.

Flat Battery

One of the most simple errors to avoid is ensuring your portable device is fully charged – you wouldn’t want your video interview to just shut off when the interviewer is halfway through a sentence. It will make you look very unprepared, and they could even think you have cut them off on purpose. Don’t ruin your chances by forgetting to do the most simple task, charge your device!

Lighting and Fuzzy Patterns

Lighting and fuzzy patterns may become a major issue in your video interview, which you may not even notice. The fabric on your clothing choices could show up fuzzy and distract the interviewer’s attention, and your lighting may vary throughout the call. Again, we’d suggest carrying out a mock interview with a friend or family member and look at what the interviewer will be able to see.

It’s Time to Ace Your Interview

Now that you have some of our top tips on how to overcome technical difficulties, you can focus on answering questions, choosing your outfit and finding the best location. We wish you success and hope you bag the job of your dreams, but if you’d like some more advice feel free to contact us today.

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