How Should You Prepare for a Video Interview?

Video Interview PreparationIf you received an email today stating that you were chosen for a face-to-face interview, you’d pretty much know how to prepare without doing any research. However, when it comes to video interviews, people seem to feel lost, they aren’t sure how to prepare and spend hours researching online.

The principle is still the same, and you should treat all types of interviews as important as one another, but there are a few things that differ when it comes to video.

1. Familiarise Yourself With the Platform Your Interview is Going to Take Place on

There’s nothing worse than being told you have to carry out a task on a platform you don’t know anything about; How does it work? What happens if connection freezes? How do I even accept the call?

The company you are interviewing with will most likely inform you what platform your video interview is going to take place on, i.e. Skype, Facetime or a third party site. We suggest that you familiarise yourself with the platform or try it out with friends as this will give you a chance to learn the basics and test what happens if the platform goes down. That way you will feel confident in your ability and have one less thing to worry about during your video interview.

2. Determine Your Setting

For some of you, finding the best setting can be tough. You may live in a loud household, or your local coffee shop is always busy and home to many conversations. You need to find an alternative where distractions are small and there is no background noise. Why not pop to a relative’s or a friend’s? Somewhere you won’t feel on edge or distracted during your interview.

As well as this, you need to clear the area to avoid clutter. Tidy your space and ensure all notes, objects and distractions are removed. Your background will also determine your profile, are you a well-kept individual who takes pride in themselves and their work or are you a slob who couldn’t care less?

3. Test, Test, Test

As video interviews all take place online, a range of equipment is needed such as a laptop or computer with a camera and microphone installed, you may even go the extra mile and purchase some lighting. Whatever you choose to use, it is important that you test all of your equipment to ensure it is working efficiently, you don’t want any technical difficulties.

Test your equipment the day before and then once again on the morning of your interview, that way you will be able to resolve any issues and minimise the risk of being unable to carry on or ruin your chance of bagging that job.

Video Interview Notes4. Prepare Some Notes

Video interviews hold a variety of benefits, one of the most important being that they can’t see what’s behind the camera. You can use this to your advantage and pop some notes beside you. That way you won’t forget any of your essential points and can take a quick look at them if the conversation slows down or you are lost for words.

But remember, don’t make it obvious or just read your points out loud.

5. Dress for Success

Even though the interview is most likely going to take place in the comfort of your own home, it is still important you look the part. Show the interviewer you are making an effort and are taking this interview seriously.

You are also most likely going to position yourself seated and, therefore, only the top half of your body can be seen. It may be very tempting to just pop on some pyjama bottoms for comfort or security but, what happens if you have to go and get something? Or you forgot to shut the door and your family member keeps walking past? You can’t just tip your laptop and hope for the best or leave it as is and show off your Disney shorts as this will look very unprofessional.

Dress your entire body professionally to avoid awkward moments!

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