How to Modernise Your CV

Modernise CV

Your CV is your first chance to make an impression on your potential employer. It’s your sales tool.

Think of a CV as your own personal advertising campaign; it sells your skills, qualifications, experience and ability to do the job. A CV shouldn’t just be a list; it needs to attract attention and appeal to the needs of the recruiter and convince them to invite you for an interview.

There is no strict format for a CV; yes, it must contain some specific elements such as your name and contact details, but there is no hard and fast rule for how it should be formatted.

The Evolution of the CV

With technology becoming more and more available, over the years CVs have evolved through different formats.

The Basic, Paper CV

The basic, paper CV is the most common CV used today. In its simplest form, this is a text document that portrays an organised account of your achievements. Modern day paper CVs are often (or at least should be) formatted nicely using word processing software to ensure that font styles and sizes are legible and that all the necessary information is clearly displayed.

The Well-Designed CV

These CVs are a step up from a basic paper CV. Depending on the type of role that you are going for a well-designed CV can range anywhere between a basic CV with the simple use of some accent colours, strategically placed fonts or an artistic headshot, to full blown all-singing, all-dancing colour document, with a beautifully presented account of your skills. Although the latter is more commonly used for more creative or design roles, it’s important to remember that your CV is there to represent you – a well-dressed and presentable CV may give the same impression as a well-dressed candidate.

How Can You Modernise Your CV?

One of the best ways to modernise your CV and increase your chances of landing the perfect job is to create a video CV.

A video CV doesn’t necessarily replace the traditional paper CV, but is used to enhance it. A video CV is a short video that gives you the opportunity to exhibit your personality, presentation and confidence in seconds.

Video CVs are becoming more and more popular amongst job seekers that want to stand out from the crowd. A short, 120-second video could be the difference between scoring your dream job or being just another paper CV muddled in with all the rest.

A video CV allows you to introduce yourself, share a little bit about yourself and communicate everything that you can’t get down on paper; drive, energy, attitude and personality.

Jobzilla Video CVs

With Jobzilla you can produce a video CV, or attend a video interview, on any device, from any location at any time. It only takes a few minutes to really get yourself in front of your next potential employer and allows them to see how you present yourself ‘in-person’ – greatly increasing your chances of securing your dream job!

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