Overcoming Your Fear of Video CVs

Video CV Fears
Creating a video CV may sound like your worst nightmare: having to record yourself talking to people you’ve never met or spoken to. You probably feel like they will be judging you from the onset and, in all honestly, they are. However, video CVs have been proven to be very beneficial, and if you can successfully get over your fear and create a job winning video CV, then you can start the new job with ease.

Take #2

So, now you’ve got your setup ready, you are sat in front of the camera and it’s recording. But you can’t seem to get your words out, you keep babbling or messing up what you are trying to say. The frustration is kicking in, and you let fear take over.

It’s so easy to feel this way, but you have to persevere. You can go through as many takes as you like to get it right, even if it takes a couple of breaks and a few tantrums. Just don’t let it show in your video CV. Keep cool, calm and collected and take a few practice runs if needs be. You’ll get there in the end and prove to yourself that you are capable of making an excellent online video CV.

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Take Deep Breaths

As we’ve already identified, it’s so easy to get frustrated or panic, but you can avoid this quite simply. Just take deep, long breaths or a even a short break. Go for a walk, have a cup of tea, and remember, don’t beat yourself up about it as you will get there.

Keep a List of Key Points Beside You

To make the process a little easier, jot down a few key points on what you want to mention, whether that be skills, experience or qualifications. Keep it beside you whilst you record your video CV and take quick glances at it whilst you’re talking. However, ensure they are subtle and make the conversation flow. You can thank us later.

Be Yourself

When making a video resume, it can be so easy to lose yourself and just go through the motions, especially if you have many fears surrounding it. However, it’s so important to just be yourself and appear authentic, if not it can make the video CV seem quite dull and the recruiters will know you are worrying. Push those negative thoughts to the back of your mind and practice being confident. Even if you aren’t the most confident person you can still shine; practice being casual yet professional, this will show you’re able to adapt and have the communication skills needed to do the job. Remember, the worst case scenario is that you will just have to go through a few takes to get it right.

Be yourself, let your personality shine through and bag yourself the job of your dreams.

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