The Pros and Cons of Video CVs

As many companies are now requesting video CVs from their candidates, it may have you questioning whether you should be doing the same as an employer. Do they benefit your company? Are they better than traditional, paper CVs? As well as this, candidates may not see the benefit of creating one, why can’t they just stick to paper? How do you even create a modern video CV?

We’ve decided to make this decision easy for you by placing a list of the main pros and cons we find with video CVs below:


Advantages for Candidates

Let’s start with the positives, like with any CV, video CVs can open opportunities for you if done well. They allow you to show off your skills and experience as a candidate, but also allow employers to determine whether they think you’d fit in with the company. Video CVs also leave first impressions, meaning they are out of the way early on, making candidates feel at ease knowing they’ve done something right if they have been called for an interview.

As well as leaving a (hopefully) good first impression, video resumes allow candidates to get creative and try something new, which is a perfect place to start if they are switching roles or starting in a new industry.

Advantages for Employers

We’re sure that at some point in your career you have been bombarded with what feels like thousands of paper CVs; you become so overwhelmed and want to give up halfway through as all the words are starting to look the same. Well, video CVs eliminate this downfall and give you the opportunity to make the yes or no decision easier as video CVs let employers see and hear what the candidate is like, what kind of personality they have and give an insight into how the interview might go.

Video CVs also remove the fear of the unknown when walking into the interview as you have already seen and chosen the candidate, also giving you a feel of what questions to ask, how to structure the interview and whether you need to probe deeper or just go with the flow.


When it comes to protocol, every company differs. Some like a more relaxed and laid-back vibe whereas others prefer a more professional and corporate atmosphere, so if your candidates don’t get the memo they may produce something that does not fit with your company. However, this is easy to avoid if you place a paragraph above the application button stating what you expect from candidates.

Many are of the opinion that video CVs can take up a large chunk of time. However, if implemented correctly, with the help of a recruitment specialist video CVs can pave the way to a not only speedy but a successful recruitment experience.

Video CVs are a new process so both parties may be confused on what is best practice but, when it comes down to it, the pros outweigh the cons, and once you start using them, they will become an essential asset in your recruitment process. You’ll never look back.

A specialist video CV service, such as Jobzilla can help make the recruitment process a breeze, ensuring that you find the most suitable candidate in the shortest time frame.

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