A Simple Guide to Improving Your Hiring Outcomes

When it comes to recruiting, many recruiters think that it is best to get as many candidates in as possible, it could literally be everyone and anyone. This couldn’t be more wrong. Accepting just anyone is highly unproductive and can even make more work for you in the long run.

We know that this can be an easy trap to fall into when using video-led recruitment strategies as it only takes a few seconds for candidates to submit a video CV, but it is important that you whittle your list down before sending out any offers for the next stage of carrying out a video assessment.

An easy way for you to avoid this is to just think, why would you want to spend many, many hours screening and interviewing loads of candidates that may not fit in with your company’s culture and beliefs? Or do not have the relevant skills and qualifications? You are not only wasting your time and resources but also the candidates’. Therefore, it is important you follow these few simple steps to help gain top talent and impress your clients with your recruiting skills.

Step One: Improve Your Marketing Strategy

In the modern world, a well thought out and good quality marketing strategy steers away from looking at as many candidates as possible and, instead, aims to enhance the overall quality of the initial applicant pool by targeting and attracting people with the best possible characteristics, skills and qualifications for the role. This, therefore means, that bigger isn’t always better. In fact, it can be highly damaging.

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Step Two: Don’t Worry if You Miss Out on Wrong-Fit Hires

Not only does attracting wrong-fit candidates take up valuable time, money and resources, it also encourages your team to make bad hiring decisions. If this occurs, especially on a frequent basis, it can have a highly detrimental impact on your business as a whole.

In order to avoid hiring wrong-fit candidates, there are two things you could do:

  1. Inform Candidates
    One of the most important things you can do in video-led recruitment is keep candidates informed. It may sound simple, but it is one of the most valuable tools in the recruitment process as you want to put off any candidates that get scared or aren’t willing to carry on with the process. Right-fit candidates will be willing to take part in all stages of the process, will be genuinely interested in the job on offer and will, therefore, accept the offer and fit in well with your company. As well as this, informing candidates will help boost your recruitment ROI, productivity and long-term retention.
  2. Improve Candidate Experience
    Improving your candidate experience will also help you determine wrong and right-fit candidates and will prompt all candidates to get involved. If they are having a positive experience on your website, which is highly effective for those who are participating in video CVs and assessments for the first time, you will be making people want to work for your company and take on new roles and responsibilities.

Step Three: Gain Expert Advice

Jobzilla is the first recruitment agency to significantly enhance engagement between our clients and candidates by embracing modern video technology to revolutionise the recruitment process. Our Video Assessments ensure each candidate has the opportunity to express what makes them who they are and provides a valuable tool to help employers make quicker and more effective recruitment decisions.

If you’d like more information on how you can prepare for your upcoming video assessment or would like to know more about the service we offer, why not contact Jobzilla today on 0203 507 1717, email to or by filling out the contact form on our contact page.

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