Top Tips for Creating the Best Video CV


At Jobzilla we think the best way to make you stand out from the crowd and ensure that you are best placed to get the job you want is by using our platform to create a Video CV. It’s super simple to create one and can even be done on your smartphone, but there are still some top tips we want to share so that you can create the best Video CV around.

1. Mic Check 1-2

If you’re trying to record your Video CV application in a crowded coffee house or at home with your housemates or family hanging around, chances are you won’t be able to hear yourself think, let alone the recruiter being able to hear you when they’re playing it back. Don’t rush into the recording of your Video CV, take your time and pick suitable location and time period that will give you the least background noise.

If you’re unsure about how much background noise is being picked up, record a short video using your laptop or smartphone and then play it back.

video--cv-outfit2. Presentation

Although you’re most likely recording your Video CV from the comfort of your own home, treat it the same as you would a real life interview. On average it takes someone 0.02 seconds for someone to form an opinion based on how you present yourself. Don’t let your un-ironed shirt be the difference between having the job or not.

3. Location, Location, Location

For most of you using our Video CV platform, you’ll be recording it at home. Traditionally home’s haven’t been styled like most offices and so to come across as professional as possible, try to pick a spot in your house that has a plain background. Certainly don’t have those pictures of your weekend in Ibiza hanging around to distract the recruiter. You want their sole focus to be on you and what you are saying.

My favourite place to record my application is in the kitchen or dining room. There you will most likely have worktop or dining table to sit comfortably on a chair without being too comfortable, which leads us on to our next point…

4. Keep it Steady


With the Jobzilla Video CV platform, you have the ability to create your Video CV application on multiple devices. Whether it be your desktop with a web cam attached, a laptop with an inbuilt webcam or even your iphone, it’s critical that the cameras of those devices are positioned correctly.

With a desktop and Laptop they’re already pretty stable, but try to position the camera at eye level when you’re sitting down. You don’t want to be slouching or stretching to get your face in the frame, and you also don’t want to be looking down or up at the camera if you can help it.

Same with an iPhone, you don’t want your Video CV looking like a scene out of the Blair Witch project, so get something to hold it in place and keep it steady.

5. Lights, Camera, Action

After working so hard getting the points above correct, don’t forget about lighting. For the best results think of it as a movie set and have the light source facing you by either facing the window or switching the lights on.  If the recruiter can’t see who they’re listening to, they won’t be concentrating on what your saying and may even stop listening all together.

So there you have it, our top tips for creating the best Video CV. We’d love to hear any of yours if you have them so get in touch on our social media channels to let us know how you prepare best to record your video CV.