Video CV, Video Assessment, Video Interview – What Does it All Mean?

A video CV is a short video pitch that accompanies a job application or written CV. This short pitch gives the job seeker the opportunity to present their professional strengths and current objectives. Video CVs are becoming more and more popular among job seekers that want to stand out from the crowd.

Video CVs are not intended to replace traditional CVs, but to enhance job applications by providing employers with more insight into what the individual has to offer. This gives them the opportunity to assess a candidate based on their soft skills such as communication, motivation, professionalism, confidence and charisma – skills that cannot be portrayed through words on a page.

Do employers really want to receive video CVs?

Yes! Although employers are not always consciously aware of it, soft skills are just as important as (if not more important than) hard skills in deciding which candidate is the best fit for a role.

Video CVs give employers access to a candidate’s soft skills right at the start of the recruitment process, providing them with a magnificent advantage.

Are all job roles appropriate for a video CV?

Every job you apply for requires some extent of soft skills in order to be successful. A video CV gives you the opportunity to exhibit those skills before an interview, helping to prevail in landing any job you apply for.

Therefore, the answer is, a video CV is appropriate for any position you apply for – whether you are a sales representative that wants to flaunt your charming personality or a school teacher that needs to show your approachable nature.

Video Interview

What is video interviewing?

Video interviewing is when online video technology is used to allow candidates and recruitment professionals to meet in a two-way interview, in real time.

Live video interviewing is also commonly known as live interviewing, real-time video interviewing, Skype interviewing and two-way video interviewing.

Video interviewing is transforming the recruitment process for both the employer and candidate providing an opportunity for both parties to engage earlier on in the recruitment process. It also makes it possible for candidates to attend an interview on their lunch break or without any geographical restrictions and saves both time and money spent on travel.

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