Why Should You Implement Video-Led Recruitment?

video-led recruitment

Video-led recruitment is becoming a more popular strategy in the recruitment process and it’s not a surprise. Video recruitment is typically six times faster than the average phone interview and it also gives recruiters a better understanding of the applicant’s communication skills and cultural fit.

However, the software you use to carry out your video recruitment process plays a key role as to whether the candidate decides to accept any upcoming offers or not, as they will have either had a positive or negative experience with your video recruitment strategy. Therefore, it is important that you aim to keep all digital experiences consistent and of high quality, but add some room for flexibility to achieve the best user experience.

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With that being said, it is also important you determine in which area you’d like to use video. Is it for CVs and screening? Assessments? Interviews? All of the above?

To give you more of an insight on which will be most effective for your business, here are some of the key features of each.

Video CVs

Video CVs are a great way to save time and add a more personal touch when recruiting candidates for a new role. They allow you to:

As well as this, video CVs also benefit candidates as they give them the opportunity to show off their skills and stand out from the crowd.

Jobzilla will take the hard work out of this process for you. Using video CVs, we will find the candidates you are looking for, who will fit perfectly within your company.

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Video Assessments

Another stage within video recruitment is video assessments. They allow you set a few questions and see the candidates answers on screen. This will not only save time, but it will also give you a better understanding as to whether the candidate is passionate about their potential role and the industry itself. As well as this, video assessments allow you to:

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Video Interviews

Finally, we have video interviews, a process that is very effective and also saves you time, while improving efficiency. Video interviews allow you to ask whatever questions you think are necessary and watch the candidate answer them live in front of you. One of the main advantages of using video interviews is that you can carry them out from the comfort of your own office or on the go, while gaining an insight into the candidate before offering them a second, in-person interview or a job offer.

As well as this, video interviews help make the candidate feel more relaxed as they don’t even have to leave their home, meaning you are more likely to gain a better understand of them and what they have to offer.

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